Shocking! Perhaps they get away with this because the majority of Baltimore residents don't have the means intellectually or financially to make this discovery--the powers that be know this and know they can get away with it. No one cares enough about the constituency to call them out for it, except you and your exceptional organization. This should be reported by main stream media. It really is outrageous.

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Of course it’s in Baltimore...

Is the first highest paid community college employee located in DC?

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"McCurdy is the first president of the

college appointed since the state legislature overhauled its board. Legislation

passed in 2017 tasked the new board, led

by Kurt Schmoke, former mayor and University of Baltimore president, with focusing on making the community college

more relevant to businesses and attractive

to city students.

Baltimore’s community college is

unique among the state’s community colleges in that it is a state entity, not under

the control of its local jurisdiction like

other two-year institutions"

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Wow. Talk about overpaid. Some needed exposure to expose this corruption.

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Looks like McCurdy is failing upward.. I imagine her record puts her in line to be the next head of the Department of Education.

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The money is coming from tax payers or the school pays that from tuition fees from students?

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Thank you, Mr. Andrzejewski.

As a Californian, I am grateful to you for exposing Newsom, Inc.

May I offer up another possibility for a deep dive? Jennifer Van Laar of RedState has already done

quite a bit of digging, so you might reference her articles.

Los Angeles County employs a Marxist radical as their Director of Public Health. Dr. Ferrer's degree is in Social Welfare. She has absolutely no medical training whatsoever. She frequently skews statistics to lie to maintain her stance, and to her personal advantage. Her salary is a mere $20K per year less than Anthony Fauci's.


To put this in context, seniors in California, in order to "qualify" for Medi-Cal must prove $2000.00 worth of assets or less, excluding one car, their home, in order to get any Medi-Cal coverage.

Social Security alone, excluding any insurance premium, is $1597/month. This is $19,164/year.

I manage to buy Vitamin D on that, and still have yet to catch "Covid" or, for that matter, any illness

since the early 1980s. "Health" is a joke in Los Angeles.

RVs are allowed to dump their raw sewage straight into storm drains, allowing all that fetid material to reach our beaches. Dr. Ferrer and L.A. County Public Health put out notices, "don't swim" and the following day - "all fine" - and the next day - "don't swim."

I truly hope you can look into this. The Los Angeles Board of Supervisors are up for re-election in

March, 2024, and I'd love to have more ammo to use to get them all ousted. MANY California residents are now fighting back. Thank you for all you do and for your consideration.

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some people have to work 10 years for that - the last 3 years my income was under 10000 ! It would be fun to change wages for a year !

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How many layers of corruption, and outright larceny, are required to pull off a scam this colossal?

The next administration MUST tap into the OpenTheBooks leads. MUST.

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I am sure if you checked out the Community College Administration here in Portland OR, you would find the same thing. A walk through the parking lot will tell you what you need to know.

I heard the statistic that in public schools, admin accounts for more than 3/5 of the payout.

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Great stuff!!! Someone has some stroke out there.

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