See the map of Chinese transportation plans into the US. This is likely funded by CCP. (Michael Yon has posted it a couple times.)

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No one I’ve spoken with here in the DFW area want this boondoggle.

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All that you write is true... however...

There is something that is ignored by say everyone... apart from Elon Musk who is worse...

In 2008 I have filed the Patent for a complete new Transportation technology which is roughly speaking a new High Speed Rail System unlike anything that came before it.

Imagine you can travel up to 10 times the speed of sound... that is over 10 times faster than Aviation... and this with water as the only exhaust...

Faster safer cheaper and simpler than any other technology by a factor of 10.

Coast to coast 45min... around the world in 4h.


My my website... now deleted but here is someone who reported on this


And here


Elon Musk has stolen the complete Idea and technology and called it "Hyperloop" which is a shady unworkable copy of my Invention


Here is the complete story and my patent is available of Google Patents.


It is the Invention the Illuminazi don't want you to know about.


It is also the first technology that can achieve (theoretical) faster than light speed.


We are speaking about a Transportation Technology that can outrun Hypersonic missiles.

We are speaking about Transportation Technology that can revolutionize the way we travel.

We are speaking about a Transportation Technology that spells the end of Aviation.

Makes Aviation obsolete.

We are speaking about a Transportation Technology which is the blueprint for Interstellar Space travel.

No moving parts.

No derailment.

Above Ground.

We are speaking about the Future here.


Imagine all the money you listed above been spend on corruption to people who are corrupt and don't know what they are doing.

I have not received a single cent nor any help.

But I and my technology are the key.

Anyone out there with half a Braincell would jump on this opportunity.

And I am looking for people to make this happen... who can put money into this.

We are speaking about a Transportation System Globally to replace Aviation.

And the market value for this technology is infinite.

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What concerns me most is that eminent domain could be claimed by this project. If that happens, it will set a precedent.

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Similar to Brightline in Florida. Miami to Orlando, speeding through small towns at 80 mph. Many accidents. It was forces through against all objections.

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This is a crappy idea!

In New Mexico it is a huge waste.

Even Dems cannot defend it!


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Texas, take a lesson from California. NO. Just...NO.

Ballotpedia.org has the info. https://ballotpedia.org/California_Proposition_1A,_High-Speed_Rail_Bond_Measure_(2008)

Californians approved the original budget at $18 Bil. (total) in 2008. Not a foot of rail has been laid and the budget currently stands at an estimated and swollen $135 Bil.


California never met a developer it didn't like. Californians deserve forensic audits on nearly everything the State pays for. 3 corrupt and colluding families are responsible for the demise

of California: Brown, Newsom, Pelosi.

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The “private” organizers of this boondoggle claimed 10 years ago they didn’t need taxpayer funding, that they were privately funded by private investments. Lies, lies and more lies. Must be a bunch of left-wing Democrats.

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This is never going to be a profitable venture in any state until states learn to join together to bring passenger high speed rails continuously from one state to another with shorter routes for workers, travelers to work and sightseeing as Japan does. Yes, Japan is smaller but well thought out - our problem is states are not used to working together.

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Amtrak has long been a fetish of Biden's, let's not forget.

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Another scheme to chase the almighty dollar, courtesy of us, the taxpayers.

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Though Portland OR has a good tram system, which I used for many years, recent more frequent attacks and deaths on the trains have made me avoid using them. Part of the issue is that when you are locked into a fast moving train or tram, there is often no one there (no driver, or no other passengers) to give assistance if someone attacks you. The driver is completely sequestered, and may not be looking at the camera feeds. It's a trap, not safe. It attracts attackers both inside the trains and on platforms.

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Not terribly surprising. The crooks who run the government are just grifters who are looting the country before they collapse it and buy everything back up for pennies on the dollar. Like a mafia "closing" sale, they are taking everything of value.

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https://twitter.com/KanekoaTheGreat/status/1748102892106723375 This coming in across our borders is what everyone should be worried and concerned about. I know from Europe that is has been very bad there for years. Women, even children raped like they have never seen before. I am originally from there so get more direct information. Sweden is finally trying to release themselves from part of the UN agenda now that they have become a total globalists country. But the new government seems to be changing some things. Hope Americans will be brave and stand up like Europe against all these groups, but so far i see very little. This rail study is just more wasted money. Please wake up.

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It sounds like a way to funnel money for some other undisclosed purpose as they do with the rail project in CA. Finding where the money actually goes will be the big challenge.

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Lol. Look at California, if you want to burn $$$$.

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