This is just mindblowing, to say the least.. Thank you for this extensive research! Was just recently wondering why the new bristish money is generating EMF pulses when moved around.... Was it always like that? Look like the money is quite a witness..

These scientists:

1.Mellinda G. Hollingshead=> viruses of military significance (https://dtp.cancer.gov/organization/btb/branch_chief.htm)

2.Carrie A. Bonomi=> growth of artificial ORGANOIDS from human tissues....

3. Kelly Dougherty => (Leidos??), if so then organoid tumors research

4. Ira H. Pastan => Cancer research

5. Suzanne D. Borgel -> HHS,rapid autopsy, cancers, organoid models from human xenographs, artifical genetic material, nucleotides...

6. Robert Gallo. => no need to say anything HIV!!!

7. Jeffrey Schlom => immune oncology using viral vectors with the 'vaccines' as a goal..https://irp.nih.gov/pi/jeffrey-schlom

8. Mangalas... => AIDS research

9. M. Popovic => HIV

10. John D. MInna (born in Presidio SF...) => cancer genetics, funny coincidence, he did them most important steps with scientific gurus whose last part of the name was 'BERG'= mountain, those were J. Lederberg, L. Herzenberg, Dr. Saul Rosenberg, Dr. Marshall Nirenberg, all at: https://www.utsouthwestern.edu/ctplus/stories/2019/john-minna.html

have one common thing, it looks like all of it above, is related to the consequences of the covid genetically modifying injections. The crime will continue, with a slow REPLACEMENT(Organoids..) of the humans.

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Fauci should have to pay the royalties to the US Treasury to pay down the debt that he created with covid!!! Then he should be charged with treason, convicted, and imprisoned for his crimes against the United States if convicted!

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Here is a link that you can do your own research on Fauci, Gates etc. If after viewing some of these videos, you still feel the same way about St. Fauci, we can agree to disagree.


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This information should appear in CMS OpenPayments, as royalties paid to government scientists are indirect payments covered under the Open Payments Law.

Another big loophole with OpenPayments is the abuse of Pharmaceutical Corporate Foundations to pass-through bribes to doctors. One particular bad actor is Gilead's FOCUS program.

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Adam, thee key element of this entire NIH/NIAID/Gates/WHO/UN/BigPharma cabal is LIABILITY IMMUNITY. Without that in-place, the COVID farce would not have proceeded.

There is no downside to any of their criminal/conspiratorial machinations as EXEMPLIFIED BY their harmful/deadly COVID injections.

My letter to Fauci demanding that he correct a bold-faced lie spewed by "President" Biden (cover only): http://pvsheridan.com/paulvsheridan-SARS-CoV-2-Letters-Directory/32-sheridan2fauci-7-3march2022-cover_only.pdf

Please share.

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@PaulVSheridan Thank you for sending those letters Paul. When Biden said that, I noticed it too though I did nothing about it. I am so glad you let F know that "we noticed". Thank you again

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The Liability Immunity evaporates like a drop of water inside a nuclear detonation in the case of FRAUD.

Pfizer and Moderna commit FRAUD just getting up in the morning.

Here is the video, produced by the Canadian Covid Care Alliance, articulating and detailing the FRAUD & MALFEASANCE Pfizer committed during their EUA Approval Process . . . . https://rumble.com/vqx3kb-the-pfizer-inoculations-do-more-harm-than-good.html

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More proof what Gates is up to. Great documentary from 2020 that only 6000 people have viewed. I wonder why?


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NIH has a long history of obstructing FOIA requests. On October 30, 2013, patient and advocate Jeannette Burmeister submitted a FOIA request to HHS (Health and Human Services) regarding the IOM (Institute of Medicine) contract to redefine ME/CFS (myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome). After being rebuffed and ignored for months, Ms. Burmeister was forced to file a civil complaint in federal court on January 9, 2014. Please note that the law normally requires the documents to be provided within twenty days.

In the words of the judge who found in Ms Burmeister's favor (eight months later), "the government has improperly withheld agency records in violation of FOIA". The judge also noted, "the government's conduct throughout its dispute with Ms. Burmeister was unreasonable." In fact, the government's behavior went well beyond unreasonable. They fought tooth-and-claw to avoid compliance, to raise the cost of litigation as high as possible, and to damage Ms Burmeister's already fragile health.

In the end, the federal court awarded $139,000 in attorneys fees to Ms Burmeister, money that could have been spent on helping ME patients instead of stonewalling them.

I have seen the emails released as a result of Ms Burmeister's efforts on behalf of all ME patients. They reveal, in black and white, the government's disdain for the ME patient community, as well as general incompetence throughout the NIH bureaucracy. But now the shoe is on the other foot as the huge mass of people with Long Covid is aiming sunlight on a powerful agency much need of disinfecting.

(Ms Burmeister's website is thoughtsaboutme.com)

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It is a short straight line from NIH corruption to the still-developing epidemic of Long Covid. Even Fauci has admitted that Long Covid closely resembles myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), the original name for "chronic fatigue syndrome". If Long Covid is similar to, or the same as, ME, isn't that good news, because ME treatments for Long Covid patients might be a good place to start?

No, sorry. There are NO effective treatments for ME and the pathomechanism is not known. It is long-established NIH policy to NOT research ME. Fauci was largely responsible for destroying NIH's research program for ME in Oct 1999:

"Dr. Anthony Fauci, NIAID Director, met with the Dr. Harold Varmus, Director of NIH, and concluded that CFS was more complex and activities should be relocated from a single NIH institute." (CFSAC minutes Sept 2003)

More than 20 years later, the tiny and ineffective ME research program (NIH calls it "ME/CFS") STILL does not have an institutional home. Why would NIH purposely wreck a research program and try to bury an illness? I readily admit it sounds totally mad.

The sad truth is that NIH and CDC are burying ME in order to protect disability insurance companies from paying benefits for decades to people with ME who can no longer work. The current ambiguity around ME allows insurers to claim that ME is really just "fear of exercise", i.e., "mental illness", and limit benefits to a few years, even if a person is disabled for life.

For more information on ME controversies I suggest starting with Dr David Tuller's extensive serious titled "Trial By Error".

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Once again, OTB brings it. Thank you. I'm grateful for the republican questioning, but it doesn't go far enough. Why didn't he ask for a commitment on when he would provide the information on their "firewalls?" When will we hear about the follow up? I'm counting on OTB to keep us up to date, unlike the MSM.

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Yeah, and why not ask him about all the redacting? If it's so transparent and non-conflicting why all the redactions? National Security? What a bunch of bullshit to say that the NIH doesn't recommend products. They were about a billion$s of free advertising for moderna & phizer (sorry about spelling)

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This is just infuriating!!!

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I applaud the work you are doing. I somehow found myself with a somewhat popular substack so I try to write things I think are important and in the public interest to know. I published an article about your findings today (along with all the vital context your report exists within). With any luck it should bring some traffic to this post.

What I wrote is here: https://amidwesterndoctor.substack.com/p/another-investigation-proves-there

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Always ask: Cui bono? Always.

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Adam: Please note that I discuss your prior situation (with Fauci and his financial mouthpieces at Forbes) on Page 5 of 48 here (Covered by shipper SPODs): http://pvsheridan.com/paulvsheridan-SARS-CoV-2-Letters-Directory/34-sheridan2fauci_pollack-6-28march2022-cover_only.pdf

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We all knew there was financial conflicts afoot, here's a smoking gun. The next step should involve who associated with what patent/licensing paid $ to who in the govt, regardless of the amount. Then see if those persons recused themselves from agency involvement with whatever the drug was - if not, there's grounds for malfeasance charges and dismissal, maybe even clawback, regardless of Bayh-Dole. Of course, this would break the circle which justifies the legal royalty payment to a NIH person, the house of cards would collapse - how does one explain or justify paying a fee back to somebody who had to recuse themselves from involvement?! This would be a juicy scandal!

The other major issue is the taxpayers are not getting any of the royalties, they're going to individuals instead. In the private sector investors ALWAYS get renumerated for risking their $ on a new product or venture. In this case however, taxpayers are the investors and NIH is acting as their administrative agent for doling it out - but effectively is also embezzling all the royalties that should have gone back to the investors (taxpayers). This scheme was facilitated by the US Congress, no doubt greased by Big Pharma lobbying and campaign contribution $.

Big Pharma benefits by having one-stop shopping for taxpayer funding with the legalized proviso the middlemen (NIH) deciding who gets what effectively gets a kickback consisting of the full royalty which should have gone to the taxpayers. It's all a cozy financial conspiracy between Big Pharma, their largess to Congress to enable the structure and legalize it, and NIH et al, which fits the practice of racketeering if not it's definition. Corruption at the highest level...

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They reward publicly funded scientists for their discoveries! The outrage I can’t believe that.

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May 10, 2022·edited May 10, 2022

#nih is human trafficking citizens into #nonconsensual@#barbaric #braini experiments using falsified FISAS. Collins knows — Fauci’s wife oversees human experimentation. THESE PEOPLE ARE NAZI GHOULS. ALL OF CONGRESS KNOWS AND IS LIKELY PROFITING AS IS MUSK, BEZOS, GATES, ETC. All of neuroscience complicit as are ‘bioinformatics,’ MIT, elite academic universities, FBI/DOJ/CIA/DOD/Darpa. The Darpa/NIH brain initiative is human trafficking innocent citizens then forcing to suicide. AGAIN, ALL OF CONGRESS KNOWS. FAUCI’s WIFE OVERSEES HUMAN EXPERIMENTATION at NIH. Fauci/Grady/Collins need to be hanged.

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Fauci is a American treasure , a national hero

Thank you Dr. Fauci

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It's incredible how all you maga puppets allow yourselves to be brainwashed. Why don't you stop spreading garbage and fact check stories before you spread the typical Maga stupidity. What is wrong with you maga people? You're obsessed with human trafficking? Any person or organization you people try to talk bad about you always throw that accusation at them first! your sick, perverted minds think of that sick act first or maybe that's all you people think about? Sick! You need to understand that those accusations might still work with uneducated MAGA people, but any person who is capable of thinking, can figure out that every word you posted is full of hate and lies. I understand why you people hate Fauci, you have no choice but to hate him. Trump used Fauci as a distraction back in 2020. As long as Trump pointed his lying finger at the only person in the White House working to keep Americans alive and as long as Trump lied and blamed all his incompetence on Fauci all throughout 2020 none of his maga puppets would figure out what a terrible job that Orange idiot did when he first learned about Covid, nobody would figure out how he chose to ignore the advise from his covid team and by getting his maga puppets to focus their Christian Hate on an innocent man who was working 24/7 to keep us all alive, Trump managed to F up in a mayor way!! making the US one of the countries in the world with the most covid cases per capita, as well as most covid deaths worldwide. Of course, all Trump had to do was make his Puppets hate Fauci and get the puppets to believe the most idiotic thing ever! That we had so many cases because we were testing so much. Yet, these uneducated Puppets never stopped to think that if Trump would've help STOP Covid from spreading all over the US it would not have mattered how many tests we did, or how many times we did tests, if Trump would've been a responsible and caring President, he would've worked hard from early Feb to keep covid out of the US.

The tests were positive because we had a HUGE problem created by the idiot who wanted to not test and just let people die and before they died they could go ahead and give the virus to a few 6-7 members of their family. The funny thing is you peoplebelieve everything right wing tells you and when you'retold the truth you call it FAKE NEWS, you won't even do a fact check because you peopleare lazy! Start reading good books. Some historical books to teach you American History. Some biochemistry to teach you a bit of science, maybe an Anatomy and Physiology book, etc. The more you people read the better educated you'll be and the more difficult it'll be for these politicians without honor to brainwash you. It's disgusting for people who claim to be "Christians" to want to hang an innocent old lady whose only crime is to be married to Fauci. she has given most part of her life caring for aids patients and another chunk of her life she cared for sick people in Brazil. Where she works now, she's responsible for guiding the ‘ethics’ of the government organization’s work. Why would that require a hanging? Why hang her If they won't hang Trump after he committed TREASON on Jan 6, after he tried and then tried again and again with his BIG LIE to violate the US Constitution and all of our constitutional rights. There were 60 court hearings where Republican Judges told Trump he had no proof of fraud. The problem is maga puppets love to listen to gossip and read online BS. They're too lazy to pull public records to view copies of the court hearing, too lazy to research for documents to prove if there was fraud, it's easier to live with your head in the sand and believe the lies others tell you. The dead people who voted? They were found alive, except for one and that one was a Republican man who voted for his dead Mother. He gave Trump two votes. Look it up! I know... it's too much work. But if you want to hang an innocent old lady. You got to start by listing a man who committed TREASON on your list of people to hang.

Have a wonderful day. I won't waste my time with maga puppets anymore. I know I'm wasting my time here. There's nothing I can say...I know maga people don't fact check anything so this is a waste of time.

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Okay, Hillary.

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Biden is a traitor and if we had a functional military he would be removed. This has nothing to do with MAGA. Trump did nothing to halt these widespread crimes. Our govt. and medical establishment have been infiltrated. Collins, Fauci & Grady need to hang for their crimes against humanity as do a whole lot of other traitors in US govt.

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Advocating a military coup? Wow, this is a representative republic, Biden got more votes so he won. What’s so

Hard to understand?

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